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digital rebound hammer
digital rebound hammer
digital rebound hammer
digital rebound hammer
  • RH225-B
  • digital rebound hammer
  • digital rebound hammer
  • digital rebound hammer
  • digital rebound hammer
  • digital rebound hammer
  • digital rebound hammer
  • digital rebound hammer
  • digital rebound hammer

Digital rebound hammer used for testing the compressive strength of ordinary concrete in the range of 10 to 70 N/mm² (1'450 to 10'152 psi) in structural engineering.


It has the functions of rebound sampling, automatic recording, automatic storage, automatic calculation, strength result viewing, field bluetooth printing, background management settings, online upload data and so on. The work efficiency of rebound detection is greatly improved and the labor intensity of testing personnel is reduced.

main feature

Digital upgrade design

It adopts mobile phone keystroke technology and seven-key design. The product is characterized by better hand feeling, longer life, faster response, easier to operate.

The modular design of the electronic warehouse can be quickly assembled with the ordinary mechanical rebound apparatus into a new integrated digital rebound apparatus.

The rebound value is collected by non-contact grating and photocoupling sensor. There is no wire connection between the pointer block and the circuit board,Higher accuracy, more stable rebound value.

The computer online software adopts the latest data processing platform developed by LANGRY Technology, which has the function of automatic importing rebound value and automatic identifying port, integrating rich report formats and various data export formats, and giving users a more perfect experience.

digital rebound hammer
digital rebound hammer

User friendly upgrade design

Large-size and highlighted OLED liquid crystal display screen can display more content information.

Built-in bluetooth chip is connected to portable bluetooth printer and can print out the original records and test results in the field.

Equipped with high-power loudspeaker, on-site voice count more clearly, can also be normally used in noisy environment.

Removable large capacity lithium battery, super long standby, easy to maintain.

Upgrade dust-proof structure, easier maintenance, longer service life and more stable rebound value.

Product NameRH225-A
Concrete Test Hammer
Digital Concrete Test Hammer


Concrete Test 



Concrete Test Hammer
LED Display— —— —— —
Screen dot matrix— —265 x 64— —— —
Net weight1 KG1.2 KG0.8KG0.9 KG
PC Software— —— —— —
bluetooth— —— —— —
Battery Power— —— —— —
Impact Energy2.207 Nm (N)2.207 Nm (N)0.196 Nm (N)0.735 Nm (N)
Calibration value of testing anvil80±280±274±2
Compressive strength range10-70N/mm210-70N/mm22-15N/mm26-30N/mm2
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One set of digital concrete test hammer 1
Hand protector silicone holding one hand 2
A grinding stone 3
One maintenance kit 4
Instrument box 5
One injection-molded vibration-proof instrument box 6

1One set of digital concrete test hammer

2Hand protector silicone holding one hand

3A grinding stone

4One maintenance kit

5Instrument box

6One injection-molded vibration-proof instrument box

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